You Lift Us Out


Some days and nights are darker than others. We wonder if we’ll see the light again. We get stuck in the mud of our own making or that which others have throw us into. We cry out for deliverance and wonder, “God where are you? Why don’t you get me out of this?” Eventually, He does lift us out, but sometimes not as quickly as we wish. King David knows exactly how this feels in Psalm 40. Sometimes I wonder if we have to wait in the mud longer so we’ll see his deliverance as our only hope. Or maybe He’s using the mud to teach us to fully rely on him. Or perhaps, He is using the mud to give us a new song and new ministry? Or maybe He is working beyond what we can see and we’ll never know the answers. In all this, He keeps his promises though we may feel forgotten. He never leaves us though sometimes it may feel that way. He’s teaching me all three of the above options and let me write the lyrics below:

You Lift Us Out

By Laura Putney Psalm 40; Psalm 16

In your grace you lift us out of the mud and mire,

In your grace you hold us in your hand through the fire,

Though I may tire in the waiting,

Though it’s dark and I slide down deeper,

You will lift me out of the mud and mire,

You will lift me higher and set my feet on the Rock who does not fail,

Turn me aside from the idols of this world,

From pride, self-reliance, and acclaim,

Jesus, teach me to fully, wholly, completely, rely on your Name,

You have lift me up and out,

Planted me in the fertile, peaceful field,

Opened my lips to sing a new song of deliverance,

Your lifted me up and out,

You are my Rock,

You are my Strength,

You are my new Song,

You are my God.



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