What Not to Say to Singles


(FYI, no one said anything to me to inspire this. I just saw an article that referred to singleness and thinking marriage will fulfill insecurities and this came to mind.)

If you’re married and trying to comfort a single friend in their singleness, please don’t say I wish I wasn’t married or complain about your married life. Also, please don’t say, “Your desire to be married means you are insecure and need to learn to depend on God.” Give that person a hug and remind them that God loves them and so do you. Singleness doesn’t mean you aren’t godly enough to be married; sometimes it means you didn’t settle and/or that you are hanging on to the Sovereignty of God despite your own lack of understanding. Single people desire marriage for companionship, children, and to raise a godly family, not simply out of insecurity.


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