No Good Thing Does He Withhold


I’ve been hanging on to this promise for over year and I can say that I’ve seen it as truth in my life:  

Psalm 84:11, “For the Lord God is a sun and shield;
    the Lord bestows favor and honor;
no good thing does he withhold
    from those whose walk is blameless.

It’s easy enough to repeat, but so much harder to believe. However, I’ve learned to depend upon this promise. God rewards faith even if takes a year and half to really feel and see the results!

Last month, I thought God was providing a relationship that I had been praying for and longing for since I was in college (a good thing). We were having fun hanging out and talking and then all of the sudden his views on life and his attitude revealed some areas that I didn’t agree with and believe he still needs to deal with God about. I ended up having to end the relationship. I started out choosing the cowardly way: texting him and avoiding having a real discussion. Then, God provided the courage to deal with the confrontation (I hate confrontation and God is teaching me to be courageous instead of avoiding situations). I realized that though it was uncomfortable that it’s not fair or kind to leave him hanging without explaining myself. So, we had that discussion. It was hard, confusing, and difficult, but God provided the guts and wisdom. I had to end what I thought I wanted to bring peace to my soul. I realized that God wasn’t withholding anything from me. He was good to reveal to me that the relationship wasn’t good for me and thankfully, my heart was listening. Now, I don’t have what I thought I wanted, but I look at the blessings around me and see that God is withholding no good thing from me.

I have an awesome family, an awesome life group, college girls to encourage, great co-workers to do life with, a job that I didn’t plan but I find satisfaction in, and a church family/pastors that help me grow. 

So, if you don’t have all you want and think God is holding out on you, think again! If He’s withholding if, perhaps, at least for now, it’s not a good thing! As, I’m coming to learn, God’s definition of good things and my definition of good things are different, however, I hope I’m starting see good the way He does! Believe me, I haven’t got this promise down and I’m still going to struggle but I’m thankful that He is faithful and good!



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