Hang Ups, Addictions, and the Love of Jesus


Watched the movie Home Run tonight. It was about an alcoholic baseball player that gets suspended and ends up coaching little league in the small town he grew up in. It was heartbreaking watching him remember how he grew up with an alcoholic father that belittled him and then he became his father in the terms of alcoholism. Yet, through Celebrate Recovery and hitting rock bottom, he comes to Christ.


 I’ve never experienced alcoholism personally, but have struggled with other things such as fear and anxiety and control issues that have controlled my life in the past. I can testify to the fact that being in community with fellow believers, knowing God’s word, believing God’s word, and resting in His Sovereignty has rescued me from the darkness and disabling power of these things. I am a perfect? No. Do I still struggle at times? Certainly, but I’m not alone anymore. I am loved by God, my family, my co-workers, and my church family. So, if you are struggling get yourself into a COMMUNITY of believers in Jesus and be willing to be honest and let God turn your life upside and inside out!


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