The Son of God Movie


Yesterday, I went to see “The Son of God” movie. Compassion International provided free vouchers if I wrote a review, so I thought why not?

The beginning of the movie especially, included many scenes from “The Bible” miniseries, so some viewers might be disappointed that a significant amount of footage was re-used. I found the movie to be well done and it kept my attention. It was not cheesy, nor was it heretical. People that have suggested it to be heretical have not watched it and/or have personal agendas or have not read their Bibles. Not every part was spot on historically or biblically, as the wisemen showed up with the shepherds and the Lazarus wasn’t called out of the tomb or wrapped up tightly in his grave clothes and Jesus appeared to have premonitions about the future at times that were not mentioned, but who is to say He didn’t stop and think of the future at times either?

I think what left a lasting impression on me was the compassion, silence, and submission of Jesus. He was forgiving to those everyone else thought were beyond hope. He didn’t list out their sins, but called them to himself. His eyes shone with kindness and love for sinners and his disciples alike. He stayed silent when accused, but stood up for those being condemned by the religious Pharisees and offered them a new life. I also like how the crucifixion and time leading up to the crucifixion were portrayed. The movie portrayed how weak and human Jesus really was leading up to this death, yet portrayed his submission to God. He willing gave His life though everything in Him cried out to run away.

Overall, the movie was well made and didn’t have any major theological inaccuracies. It brought Jesus to life on the screen and made me realize and think of how much He loves and cares for me!


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