Monthly Archives: May 2011

It’s the Little Things


After 9 months in Africa, I hope I’ve learned a lot of things. I think I won’t know how much until later on. But, I’m learning that the little things in life are what I should be thankful for and enjoy! For instance reading “Lost in Rooville” by Ray Blackston makes my day and makes laugh like nothing else! I’m a big fan of his books by the way! Also, I realized spitting watermelon seeds all over my balcony is very entertaining as well! I even managed to spit some off when they bounced! Another thing is the view from my balcony! It’s just amazing! Beautiful green hills covered with terracotta-tiled rooftops. At night, the crazy scattering of lights is also beautiful as if someone threw Christmas lights all over the place. Another simple joy is riding a boda to work instead of walking 15 minutes down the road! It’s like riding a convertible to work and costs about $0.25! I’ve learned how special having cold water is as well! It’s not something I have all the time here because my little fridge is too tiny to store more than food inside! I’m also thankful for hot showers at night and the power staying on! Also, I’m thankful for rooibos tea! It’s so good! Hugs from one of my students always make me smile as well. I’m sitting on my balcony right now and I just saw a beautiful little bird! I think it’s a beeeater! It’s iridescent green with yellow on its chest with a tiny pointed beak and it’s about the size a hummingbird! So beautiful! The female is also out here, but she is gray instead of bright colored like the male! I just love the birds here! So beautiful! Oh, yes as the breezes and shade here are so much of a blessing! And avocados to make guacamole to eat with pita chips that I bake from pita I buy! So yummy!  Anyhow, enjoy the little blessings and thank God for being the BLESSER!


Off to Zanzibar


Jambo! (Hello!) Our time in Zanzibar was filled with many adventures! We started off with two short plane rides and arrived in Zanzibar late Sunday night. Our adventures started the next morning. We toured around the narrow streets of Stone Town and saw the House of Wonders in the morning. In the afternoon, we had a great time at the spice farm where we saw ginger, lemon grass, turmeric, cloves, and vanilla. We also got to try lots of great fruit. A man called Mr. Butterfly also climbed a coconut tree (all the while singing!) and cut open coconuts for us to eat! On Tuesday, we went out to snorkel with dolphins, but due to choppy water and many people becoming seasick we only got to see them, not snorkel with them. The day became much brighter on that afternoon when we got to take amazing pictures of the rare Red Colabous Monkeys and a mangrove swamp! The monkeys ran right by our feet! On Wednesday, we got to see giant tortoises on Prison Island and then went snorkeling in the beautiful water, where we saw some beautiful fish and coral. In the afternoon, we enjoyed shopping for paintings, jewelry, dresses, and other local goods. On Thursday, we had free time at the beautiful infinity pool before we headed back to the airport. We arrived back in Kampala around 1am with many sleepy, but happy children. I would have to say that the pool, pizza, and ice cream were the top favorites for the children! For myself and all the children: Kwaheri! (Goodbye!)