Spring Break Uganda Style!


Spring Break


Friday night was dinner at Terri’s house! All of kiddos hung with her and ate kebabs, pita and hummus, chicken drumsticks, veggies, ice cream, and brownies. Then we sang songs together and just laughed a lot! It was Kali’s goodbye party. She came to stay with Terri and help out at the school in the cafeteria for a couple months! She quickly became part of our family and will be greatly missed! Pray for her as seeks out God and as he seeks her out! I love and miss her!


I started off my spring break going to pay my safari deposit with my new friend, Christina. She’s our new special education teacher and is from Germany. Anyhow, we took two taxis and a boda to get to the place where we needed to put down our deposit. That took at least an hour! After that we went back to town and did some shopping. First, we went to Capital Shoppers, where I found some Ragu © tomato sauce on sale for here and some canned tomatoes with mushrooms for cheap! Canned good are more expensive here! We then went to change some money before grabbing a late lunch. We went to Kitty’s (a local fast food kind of place). I ordered “all food with g-nuts,” which is a plate of rice, matoke (mashed plantain kinda), yam (it’s white and purple), sweet potato, cassava, and g-nut sauce (a peanut sauce, but not like Chinese peanut sauce). It was so good! I love g-nut sauce!

After lunch, we went fabric shopping. We went to many shops and I ended up buying two kinds of fabric, which I am bringing home! They are so beautiful! Then we went to a local grocery store called “Shoprite” (not like the one in Jersey though!). I got some veggies and then we headed back to get taxis home.

Once I got home, I had 10 minutes to get ready for a great birthday party! I went to a birthday party for Kenneth Hopson and Jade Acker! Two great missionaries! We all ate lots of great buffet food and cake. We played funny games and sang karaoke and I played with the kids! Overall, it was a family night!


On Sunday, I went to church and enjoyed my time worshipping as always. The pastor spoke on listening to God instead of striving….gave me something to think about! After church, I went and had lunch at Kitty’s again and enjoyed some African tea. Before leaving, I had a great chat with one of the waiters as well. Then, I went back to find Jessie at church. We then hung out with one of the street kids, Laurence, for the afternoon. We fed him and spent time with him and then he didn’t want us to go. It was so sad!



On Monday, I volunteered to watch Jade and Shelah’s girls Anna Grace and Kayla Joy. Jade and Shelah run the Center for Hope, which ministers to Eritrean and Sudanese refugees by teaching English and other skills. They also reach out the Korean missionary families as well. I had a great time with the girls. Anna Grace reminds me of myself at that age and Kayla Joy is a feisty little thing! They are about 6 and 3 respectively. I then came home and did some shopping and made coconut and chocolate scones! They were delicious! I have learned to make scones here in Africa! Then on Monday night, I went to Terri’s house and watched American Idol from the week before! It was so much fun! A little American culture makes for so much fun!


I got up early to leave for safari at Murchison Falls. Christina met me at my gate and my boda driver was ready and waiting. We boarded the boda with out backpacks and took off for Red Chilli in Bugolobi about 20 minutes away. We made it as far as the outskirts of town and then it started raining! So before we even left we a little wet! We reach Red Chilli about 7:45, but didn’t leave for another hour! Before we left, we met Mike, a fun Dutch guy who ended up being in our group! Also in our group were Christoph and Claudia (a German couple), Tisho (a Japanese guy), and Felipe (a Philippino guy). The next exciting event happened when we stopped for the bathroom! I was headed to use a squatty potty…which I don’t like, when I found out there was real toilet! So I went in, closed the door, which looked like it might get stuck, but I went ahead and closed it! Then I went to open the door and latch was stuck! The handle was not working properly. Before I was able to get out, they had to knock the handle out of the door! The door banged into me and gave me a bruise! It was funny…I got stuck in the bathroom in a little roadside motel on the way! That would happen to me! We reached the park about 4pm after a two-hour long lunch break in Masindi! It was a slow lunch. I had a strange creamy veggie soup and chips (French fries). We got settled in our tent and then got showers before a late dinner.


We got up early after being woken up by a “HERD” of rolling suitcases to get ready for our safari. We left about 6:45 and began our safari. We ended up seeing lots of antelope/deer relate animals, some great giraffes, warthogs, hippos, elephants, ONE LEOPARD, a monitor lizard, and some birds. Right before, we got on the ferry, which took us across the Victoria Nile for our safari, I met a really nice American woman, Mary, who goes to Journey Church in Raleigh, NC! That’s my friend Aaron Bauer’s church! His church kids have gone to summer camp with mine a few times! So awesome! It was so encouraging to meet someone from home!

After a great bacon and cheese hamburger for lunch, we left for our Nile Cruise! We spent 3 ½ hours on the river enjoying hippos, elephants, weaver birds, secretary birds, egrets, crocodiles, and incredible scenery! We rode almost to the falls and back! What an incredible experience! A storm came up as we were coming back and I got some great shots of the clouds!

That night I got a much needed shower and enjoyed dinner. Christina and I then hung out at the bar with Mike (our Dutch friend) and Laurence (an Italian guy). I was an oddity with my bottled water at the bar, but I got to share my reason for coming to Uganda with Laurence, briefly. I told him I was teaching at a Christian school because I was a Christian and he was like I’m one to so? In thinking back, I wish I had said more about Christ than I did. It’s like he didn’t really understand what a Christian was. I told him God brought me to Uganda, but I should have shared Christ. It was a neat experience to say the least.


On Thursday, we hiked around the Falls and took some breathtaking pictures! They are on my facebook pics! I took pics of rainbows in the falls! There are still pillars where Winston Churchill’s bridge over the falls once was! It washed away in the early 60’s the same year Uganda gained its independence! After our hike, we got back in the van for our long drive home. We stopped at the same restaurant where I ordered fish and chips this time! We then drove and drove and reached Kampala. Christina and I told our friends farewell and then boarded a boda for home. The problem was the boda took shortcuts that a loaded boda didn’t handle very well, but we made it home. I took a shower and heated my leftover pasta and sauce.


I woke up a bit sad and became sadder when reading a sad book by Karen Kingsbury. But I got up and got going after reading Psalm 71:14, “But as for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more.”

I went and bought fruit, veggies, juice, and milk. Then I took off in a taxi to change money, buy Internet airtime, facewash, and astringent. I also decided to stop and buy pita bread and sandwich. Thankfully, I did stop and eat or I would have gotten soaked in the sudden rainstorm. I also found the first part of NCIS LA season 2 and purchased it! After eating, I got a boda home and reached home with mud-splattered legs! I rested and watched some NCIS and then took off for the craft market with Jessie! I had a great time and came home with bread, paintings, purses, candlesticks, and carvings! I rested that evening after cook a great meal of veggies, brown rice, pita chips, and guacamole!


Saturday was pretty quiet.  I went to school and prepped for the week and downloaded many pictures.


I went to church was reminded about needing to depend on God. See my other blog post! Then I went out to eat with Jessie and Bec (one of our high school kids). Jessie and I then went to another craft market, where I found my Africa woodcarving and some sandals and earrings. We then walked back and got a taxi home. I then came home fixed some papaya and went to school to work on an online app for teaching English online for Liberty University. Then I finished my day at home enjoying some dinner and rest before another week of school!



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