Christmastime in Uganda


Christmas and Thanksgiving are very different here in Uganda! One of the biggest differences is that fact that is it very warm in comparison to the United States! Thanksgiving Saturday for us Americans was very nice! I spent the afternoon with the Hopsons (a great American missionary family) and some of the other U.S. missionaries and American teachers. It was a very nice time of fellowship and great food! We also watched the “Christmas Story” movie with the notorious line, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” It was very nice to watch and then take leftovers home as well. I made roasted vegetables all by myself for the first and they were a great success, which was very encouraging!

These past few weeks have been very busy! We had a production of “The Grinch” for which I was a stage manager. It’s hard keeping up with all those cues! The kids did a great job though! I was very proud of them! Here’s a link!

We also had our rainforest café the last week of school. The kids made tropical juice recipes and did a great job! This was the closing activity for our International Primary Curriculum unit on “Rainforests”.

We have our work party on Friday and it was great! It was at a beautiful outdoor restaurant overlooking Lake Victoria! We had chicken, fish, chips, and samosas (dumpling like things). We did secret Santa and everyone had so much fun! Everyone had so much fun! The last pics in my Christmas album are of my instructional assistant and myself! Her name is Sylvia! I love her and I am so thankful God provided her as my assistant! She is wonderful with math and does all my math grading for me and she does a wonderful job helping with the kids!

I was blessed by great students this semester! I love all 13 of them and was tackled with hugs by my girls before they left on Friday. I also received an amazing note from one of my students that blessed me beyond words. He said exactly what I needed to hear! God is really taking care of me here in Africa, but I do miss the cold weather and snow! After Christmas is over, I am halfway done! It’s amazing how times flies here! I have only two more quarters to teach! In May, I’m planning to go to Egypt as well! So, I will have done lots of traveling by the time I reach the U.S. again!

Yesterday, I went to Waototo Church for their Christmas program! I am sure I will never see a program like that again! It was about the three wisemen spreading the news of Jesus’ birth throughout Africa. There was amazing dancing and singing. I never thought I would see native dancing in a Christmas program! I only wish I could put in words what the program was like. They sang Chris Tomlin’s song, “There is Love,” which the Waototo Children’s Choir originally sang with Chris. It’s so cool to actually hear that song in person!

For Christmas, I am going to Kenya with my 4 other teachers and our registrar (mom). It should be a great trip! We will be spending time at the beach in Mombasa on the INDIAN OCEAN and then in Masaii Mara we will go on some safaris! I finally get to see the AFRICAN ANIMALS!  The following is our itinerary:


December 21st (Tuesday) – depart at 5:30 AM from Kampala to Njoro (Lake Nakuru); overnight camping at Kembu – tents and mattreses provided;

December 22nd (Wednesday) – depart at 6:00 AM fro Njoro to Mombasa (arrive late probably around 8pm); house has been rented (more information on this to folllow); we will be able to do all our own cooking etc. and there is a Nakumatt (kinda like Walmart!) in Mombasa for shopping needs

December 23rd through December 26th – full days in Mombasa

December 27th (Monday) – this is where we had planned to depart for Njoro (Lake Nakuru); in talking with the driver last night about our itinerary, in order to fit in hiking at Lake Nakuru we may have to leave on the 26th from Mombasa otherwise it will get us back to Kampala on the 31st.  –

December 28th – Hike in the morning Lake Nakuru; depart by noonish for Masaii Mara; camp outside park (guide will advise of location)

December 29th – Depart for early morning game drive in the park; camp in park for evening and do evening game drive.

December 30th – Depart for Kampala – driver does not think that we will be able to make it all the way back to Kampala this day and so we may have to overnight in Busia (this would be in a lodge which they have indicated he good rates).

December 31st – Depart for Kampala (again, we may have to leave Mombasa one day earlier if we want to get in all that we want to do, including hiking)

Merry Christmas my friends, from balmy Africa! I am going to the beach tomorrow! It’s so amazing to think! Please pray for safety and for wisdom! I still can’t believe we are doing this! I am going camping….never done that! My people at home know how stretching this is! LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU TERRIBLY!



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  1. Loved reading about all your doing and experiencing… your upcoming trip sounds incredible 🙂

    I’m mailing a Christmas card your way (although I still need to actually get to the Post Office to buy the stamp) — so you will get it VERY late 🙂 But hopefully it will make it to you safely!

    Praying for a wonderful holiday. Love you!!

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