Uganda My New Home for Now


I can now say that I have been in Uganda for 3 months or almost 14 weeks! It’s crazy that I have been here that long! If you had asked me 3 weeks ago if I was really starting to adjust and I would have said, “Yes, in some ways, but I really would hop on a plane right now.” But 2 weeks ago, God really began to set me free from my depression and anger. My pastor at Calvary Chapel Kampala, Brian spoke on 1 Peter 4:7-11. These verses speak about being self-controlled so that you can pray, about loving others and serving others. These verses reminded me that I really need to be doing those things. I don’t know how long have here since, “the end of all things is near,” as I Peter 4:7 says, so I need to make the most of the time God has given me in Uganda. I had been praying for God to free me from my fear and insecurity and God has really begun to do that. Yes, I don’t like the dirt and different livings conditions, but God has me here for a reason.

For the first time, other than church, I am able to teach the Bible to children. It’s great teaching 5th grade students about the Bible. I have told them about Jim Elliot a couple times, but his story was part of our curriculum today. He is one of my favorite missionaries, especially because his wife’s writings. I told the kids today that if Jim had not been killed, that his wife Elisabeth might not have written the books that helped influence my decision to come to Uganda. It’s amazing the influence one person’s obedience to God has on the generations to come. As Sara Groves song, “Generations” says, “Generations will reap what I sow.” Pray that I will sow good seeds here in this fertile soil of children! Please pray for one of my students! He just lost his grandfather and he is from a Muslim family. His grandfather died last week, but he didn’t find out until yesterday. My heart was aching for him last week, though. Sometimes, I think God impresses our hearts before we even know what we are praying for. So please pray for this little fellow, whom I will call Ron for privacy reasons.

These past few weeks have been very busy, but God has truly blessed me! I’m not afraid to ride boda bodas (motorcycle taxis) around anymore and have ridden on a matatu (taxi van) by myself a couple of times as well. I even found my church by myself this week! God took good care of me and got me there despite my poor directional skills! I really wish I could take boda bodas all the time in fact! It’s so much fun riding motorcycles! I’m thinking I need to find myself a friend with a motorcycle when I get back to the U.S.! ☺

I made my first smoothie tonight! I bought a blender with some money a sweet friend gave me! So, tonight after my dinner, I made a yogurt, pineapple, and banana smoothie! Yummy! Its amazing how simple things like making things in the kitchen feels like a huge victory here! Last week, I also got to help lead, “Trading My Sorrows” for the kids! So much fun! I even taught them the puking motions for “I’m trading sickness,” that I learned at Hyland Heights Baptist Kids Camp! I miss all of you guys, but I passed on our traditions here in Uganda! Then on Wednesday, I get to help lead worship for the whole school! (God is beginning to use my simple talents for his glory, now that I have decided to let Him simply use me and enjoy the ride!) We practiced today after school and then sang worship songs for another couple of hours! I was blessed to worship with Francis (Ugandan music and PE teacher) and Jessie, our art teacher from Jersey. We even started writing a song! Francis wrote the music and Jessie and I contributed lyrical ideas with Francis’ help!

Today, I have school off again! Another Muslim holiday! YEAH! So, I can get more planning done before I go to Jinja this weekend to visit Diana Ferrell. I should get to see the Source of the NILE! I’m very excited about that and very thankful for the time off to prepare for the next week and work on this week! It’s only 4 ½ weeks until Christmas break now! We are supposed to go to Kenya for Christmas! All I can say is, “Olyotya?” (How are you?) I would love to hear from y’all at home! I miss my country music people! I also miss my Blue Ridge Mountains! But, on the flip side, it feels like summer here and I’m surrounded by tropical plants and fruits! It’s nearly mango season and pineapples are available most of the time! I buy my bananas right along road whenever I need more! Peanut butter and bananas are essentials here! Anyhow, MUCH LOVE TO ALL! Thank you so much for your prayers!


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